A Day that Shook the World

A Day that Shook the World

10 Episodes

These are the days on which political revolutions, technological breakthroughs, and sporting triumphs took place. From the funeral of Queen Victoria to iconic events like the Hindenburg airship disaster, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Asian Tsunami and the 2012 Olympic bid. Narrated by John Humphrys.

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A Day that Shook the World
  • A Day That Shook the World – Atrocity

    Episode 1

    Including: Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, IRA bombs British Cabinet at Brighton, Bosnian Crisis, 150 die in Oklahoma terrorist attack, September 11th, Beslan school siege, and London bombings.

  • A Day That Shook the World – Civil Unrest & Protest

    Episode 2

    Including: Emily Davison throws herself under the King's Derby Horse, start of UK general strike, Martin Luther King delivers "I have a dream" speech, Grosvenor Square anti-Vietnam riots, Paris Riots, Heysel Stadium riots, Tienanmen Square Massacre, Ceausescu Overthrown, Soviet coup failed, Los A...

  • A Day That Shook the World – Cold War

    Episode 3

    Including: Berlin Airlift begins, Mao's communists take over in China, Korean War starts, French surrender at Dien Bien Phu, Soviets crush Hungarian Revolt, erection of the Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Soviets put down Prague Spring, Berlin Wall comes down, and official end of The Cold War ...

  • A Day That Shook the World – Cultural Milestones

    Episode 4

    Including: Suzanne Lenglen breaks Wimbledon record, American golfer Bobby Jones wins grand slam, Roger Bannister breaks four minute mile, Pele's World Cup final performance thrills crowds, Beatles return from States in triumph, death of Mother Teresa, the Millennium, Pope John Paul II dies, Londo...

  • A Day That Shook the World – Disasters

    Episode 5

    Including: Hindenburg airship crash, Le Mans 24 race disaster, Manchester United players die in air crash, Aberfan slag heap buries school, Donald Campbell dies, Ethiopian famine, Challenger spacecraft explodes, Chernobyl disaster, Zeebrugge ferry disaster, Lockerbie Pan-Am jet explosion, Exxon V...

  • A Day That Shook the World – Middle East

    Episode 6

    Including: Suez invasion, Six-Day War begins, Ayatollah Khomeini returns from exile, British SAS storm Iranian Embassy in London, America attacks Libya, Iraq invade Kuwait, Desert Storm - Gulf War, Arab Israeli peace agreement, Battle of Tora Bora, Fall of Iraq, Saddam Capture, and Israeli invasi...

  • A Day That Shook the World – Political Shockwaves

    Episode 7

    Including: Irish Free State treaty signed, Battle of the Somme, abdication of the Tsar Nikolas, Hitler becomes German Chancellor, Labour's landslide election win, India and Pakistan gain independence, Khrushchev denounces Stalin, Kennedy inauguration, Kennedy assassinated, Nixon first US presiden...

  • A Day That Shook the World – Royals

    Episode 8

    Including: Queen Victoria's funeral, Edward VIII abdicates, British Royal Family in crisis, Windsor Castle damaged by fire, the Prince and Princess separate, Princess of Wales dies in Paris car crash, funeral of Diana, and Charles and Camilla wed.

  • A Day That Shook the World – Science & Innovation

    Episode 9

    Including: The Wright Brothers' first flight, Charles Lindbergh flies the Atlantic solo, first Atomic Bomb test in New Mexico, Britain explodes first Atomic Bomb, launch of first nuclear submarine, first nuclear power station, first hovercraft run, Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space, Con...

  • A Day That Shook the World – World War Two

    Episode 10

    Including: Hitler annexes Austria, Germany invades Poland, evacuation of Dunkirk, London Blitz begins on civilian targets, Pearl Harbor attacked, Battle of El Alamein begins, Fall of Stalingrad - German Army Surrenders, D-Day Landings, liberation of Paris, Big Three meet at Yalta to carve up post...