Chronicles the life and work of great historical and cultural figures

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  • The Other World of Winston Churchill

    Narrated by Paul Scofield, this incredible documentary focuses on Winston Churchill’s life as a painter. The film revolves around the paintings that Churchill produced during his years in opposition, revealing the often forgotten or unknown artistic side of the most iconic prime minister of all t...

  • Wallis Loved and Lost

    The story of Wallis Simpson, an infamous, twice-divorced American who changed the course of history by marrying Edward VIII in 1937 leading to an abdication crisis.

  • Edward and George: Two Brothers, One Throne

    The complex relationship between royal brothers Edward VIII and George VI, who were both at the heart of the infamous abdication crisis of 1936, is the subject of this excellent documentary. From British Pathé TV's Royalty Collection.

  • Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story

    She was born in 1930 with intelligence, wealth, position and good looks. Prevented from marrying her first love Peter Townsend and forced to live in the shadow of her sister, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret was described as a "Princess without a vocation". This biography explores the reality behind the...

  • Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother: A Woman of Her Century

    Born on August 4th 1900, one of nine children, the extraordinary life of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - known around the world as "The Queen Mother" - spanned the 20th Century. When she died in 2002 she was 102 years old. From British Pathé TV's Royalty Collection.

  • Twentieth Century Hall of Fame – Actors & Musicians

    In this episode, we see a collection of biographies of several revered actors and musicians: Chaplin, Elvis, Laurence Olivier, Louis Armstrong, Laurel and Hardy, Maurice Chevalier, John Lennon, Richard Burton, and Bob Hope.

  • Twentieth Century Hall of Fame – Actresses

    In this episode, we see a collection of biographies of several revered actresses: Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Twentieth Century Hall of Fame – Cultural Icons

    In this episode, we see a collection of biographies of several revered cultural icons: Dalí, Fontaine & Nureyev, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Edward & Mrs Simpson, Yuri Gagarin, and Mary Quant.

  • Twentieth Century Hall of Fame – Sports Stars

    In this episode, we see a collection of biographies of several revered sports: Stanley Matthews, Amelia Earhart, Bobby Jones, Juan Fangio, Donald Campbell, Charles Lindbergh.

  • Twentieth Century Hall of Fame – Leaders

    In this episode, we see a collection of biographies of several leaders: Emmeline Pankhurst, Ronald Reagan, Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Eisenhower, De Gaulle, Fidel Castro, Kennedy, Khrushchev.

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - 1950s

    In 1952, the sudden death of King George VI changed Elizabeth’s life for ever. The monarch was just 25 when she came to the throne. Winston Churchill was her first prime minister. Britain was still bandaging its war wounds and the Coronation sparked the biggest party since VE Day.

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - 1960s

    The arrival of the 1960s found Britain in an optimistic mood. Post-war austerity had given way to something of a consumer boom and the times were changing. The Royal Family was expanding fast. The Queen gave birth to Prince Andrew in 1960, ten years after Princess Anne. And Prince Edward was born...

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - 1970s

    The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated 25 years of marriage, and their daughter, Princess Anne, wed fellow equestrian Mark Phillips. But the Troubles in Ireland spread to mainland Britain, strikes forced a three-day working week, and a fuel crisis sparked food shortages and mounting discontent ac...

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - 1980s

    When the 80s began, there was one question on everybody’s lips: whom would Prince Charles, the world’s most eligible bachelor, take for a bride? We soon had our answer and Lady Diana Spencer became famous around the world. A politically charged decade ended with the exhilarating fall of the Berli...

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - 1990s

    The 90s began joyously for the Queen, as she welcomed her 6th grandchild and prepared for her 40th year on the throne. But this decade, the monarchy endured some of its worst crises. Her Majesty proclaimed 1992 her "annus horribilis" as 3 of her children suffered marital breakdowns and Windsor Ca...

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - Milennium

    The new millennium witnessed powerful events for Queen and country. The whole nation celebrated the 100th birthday of the Queen Mother in 2000. But the devastating events of 9/11 ushered in a dark new era, and London itself would be traumatised by terrorism. There was personal sorrow as the Queen...

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades - Jubilee

    From nationwide street parties to spectacular pomp and pageantry on the river Thames, millions turned out to thank Queen Elizabeth II for 60 years of selfless dedication.