Classic Movies

Classic Movies

A specially-curated selection of classic feature films. Watch on "British Pathé's Heritage Hub", an award-winning video streaming service featuring hundreds of full-length documentaries for specialist audiences. Available on iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, and online.

Classic Movies
  • A Farewell to Arms

    Frederic (Gary Cooper), an American ambulance driver working for the Italian Army during World War I, falls in love with British Red Cross nurse Catherine (Helen Hayes). His jealous commanding officer, Major Rinaldi, transfers Catherine to a different hospital. But an injury on the battlefield ta...

  • A Star Is Born

    A young actress arrives in Hollywood to become a star. After many disappointments, she meets an older, alcoholic actor who takes her under his wing and they fall in love. She will have to choose between pursuing her dream and looking after him.

  • Algiers

    In Algiers, the thief Pepe le Moko hides from police in the maze-like Casbah. He is soon a target not only for a policeman and an inspector, but also jealous thief Regis. Pepe meets the beautiful American Gaby and becomes obsessed with her. Regis’ plan to bring Pepe into the open fails, until Pep...

  • Beat the Devil

    Four rogues are stranded in Italy awaiting the repair of their steamer when they meet an ordinary couple. The six of them head for Africa with the goal of gaining wealth through the buying of (supposedly) uranium-rich land. Other travellers join them with similar intentions.

  • The Big Combo

    Police lieutenant Diamond (Cornel Wilde) is ordered to stop investigating gangster boss Mr. Brown (Richard Conte) because of lack of results. Unwilling to let it go, Diamond changes strategy in his hunt for evidence by going after Brown's girlfriend, Susan Lowell (Jean Wallace).

  • The Big Lift

    In 1948, the Allied powers bring the entire city of Berlin under their control. Against this backdrop, US Sergeant Hank Kowalski (Paul Douglas) cannot change his hatred for Germans, while Sergeant Danny MacCullough (Montgomery Clift) pursues an attractive German war widow.

  • Charade

    Before discovering her husband has been murdered in Paris, Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) falls for the charming Peter Joshua (Cary Grant). Regina and Peter will have to give chase to three men who are after the money they all stole during World War II. But is Peter the man he claims to be?

  • D.O.A.

    Small-town accountant Frank Bigelow (Edmond O'Brien) travels to San Francisco before settling down with his fiancée Paula (Pamela Britton). After a night out, he wakes up to learn that he has been given a toxin which has no antidote. With one week left to live, he aims to find out who poisoned hi...

  • Father's Little Dividend

    This sequel to “Father of the Bride” (1950) follows newly-married Kay Dunstan, who announces that she is going to have a baby. This leaves her dad in the position of having to accept he will very soon become a grandfather.

  • The Great Gabbo

    "The Great Gabbo" is an egocentric ventriloquist who treats his assistant Mary with brutality. Tired of being mistreated, she quits. However, two years later, she ends up performing as a dancer in a stage show that features him.

  • The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery

    George Fowler (Steve McQueen) joins a gang planning to rob a bank in St. Louis, hoping to use the money to help pay for his college tuition. But the gang's leader John Egan (Crahan Denton) does not trust him and the robbery does not go as planned.

  • Heights of Danger

    A 1953 motor racing adventure in which the Burton Family must win an Alpine car rally's prize money in order to afford to keep the family petrol station - but a big garage profiteer seeks to sabotage their chances.

  • Hell's House

    Jimmy admires his boss Matt Kelly. When he refuses to implicate Kelly in a bootlegger case, Jimmy ends up in a brutal reform school. He befriends Shorty, a boy with a heart disease, and manages to escape to tell the world about the horrible conditions of the school.

  • His Girl Friday

    New York newspaper editor Walter Burns finds out that his ex-wife, reporter Hildy Johnson, is about to marry an insurance agent. He tries to entice her back into the newsroom by having her write about the story of convicted murderer Earl Williams. When Hildy discovers Williams might be innocent, ...

  • Horror Express

    A British anthropologist (Christopher Lee) discovers a frozen monster in Manchuria. Convinced that the creature is the “missing link”, he embarks on a Trans-Siberian train to transport it back to Europe. But during the journey, the monster comes to life and starts killing the passengers.

  • Indiscretion of an American Wife

    A married American woman must choose whether to break off her affair with a young Italian and return home to her husband or to stay with her new flame. Also known as "Stazione Termini" and "Terminal Station".

  • Kansas City Confidential

    A former G.I. is framed for the robbery of an armoured car. During his detention, he is beaten up and tortured by police. When he is finally released due to lack of evidence, he embarks on a journey to Mexico in order to discover who set him up and what their motivations were. Released in the Uni...

  • Made For Each Other

    When his boss demands that he return to work, ambitious lawyer John Mason (James Stewart) is forced to leave a honeymoon with new wife Jane (Carole Lombard). Regardless, his boss gives the partnership he has been angling for to someone else. To make matters worse, tragedy then strikes their new f...

  • The Man with the Golden Arm

    After getting out of prison, recovering drug addict Frankie Machine decides to straighten up, trying to get work as a drummer. However, when his former employer Schwiefka and Frankie's old drug dealer, Louis, re-enter his life, Frankie struggles to stay clean and finds himself straying back into ...

  • McLintock!

    George Washington McLintock, “G.W.” to friends and foes alike, is a cattle baron and the richest man in the territory. He is surprised by the arrival of his estranged wife Katherine who has returned to take their daughter away with her. Balancing his wife, his headstrong daughter, and some crooks...

  • Meet John Doe

    A reporter writes a column about “John Doe”, an unexciting man who plans to kill himself in protest against America's neglect of the little people. The newspaper then hires Gary Cooper to pose as this fictional John Doe, who captures the public's imagination in a series of radio addresses.

  • Of Human Bondage

    Philip Carey (Leslie Howard) abandons his artistic aspirations when he meets Mildred Rogers (Bette Davis), a waitress and a femme fatale. Although she abuses him, Philip becomes obsessed with her. When he finally seems ready to move on, Mildred reappears and does not let him escape.

  • One-Eyed Jacks

    Dad Longworth (Karl Malden) betrays his partner in crime Rio (Marlon Brando), taking their loot and leaving him to be captured. Years later, Rio, seeking revenge, escapes from prison and goes after Dad, who is now a respectable sheriff.

  • Pot o' Gold

    Jimmy (James Stewart) is the owner of a failed music shop who works with his uncle. He becomes close to a family of Irish music lovers who happen to be his uncle's worst enemies and finds himself helping their band get gigs while trying to reconcile the two parties. Meanwhile, Jimmy falls for the...