Videos we're especially proud of, or which are currently relevant, that we'd like to draw your attention to

  • The Queen's Diamond Decades

    1 season

    Diamond Decades tells the definitive history of Her Majesty the Queen, from the beginning of her reign to the Diamond Jubilee.

  • The Story of British Pathé – The Birth of the News

    For more than half a century, the film and newsreel company British Pathé documented almost every aspect of everyday life in Britain and around the world. Covering everything from major world events and exotic foreign locales to the pageantry of state occasions and gritty social issues, the compa...

  • Variety Acts and Turns of the Second World War

    A programme full of performances by the morale-boosting variety acts and singers of the Second World War. Artists who helped frontline troops and home front civilians alike to keep smiling through the dark days of war. Including Flanagan & Allen, Gracie Fields, Robb Wilton, Sydney Burchall, Tommy...

  • Dambusters: Mission Impossible

    Destroying the great dams of western Germany, using a very special weapon designed by scientific genius Barnes Wallis, made the RAF’s 617 squadron one of the most famous in the world. This film features rare archive footage and photographs, fascinating interviews and illustrative 3-D graphics. Fr...

  • Revolution in Colour

    Narrated by Allen Leech, this unique documentary tells the story of the Irish Easter Rising, why it happened and how it happened. Utilising incredible newly-colourised original footage, this film shows the Irish revolution as people at the time saw it – in colour. "Rendered in living colour, the ...

  • Le Mans 1955

    Documentary covering the 1955 Le Mans endurance race - the one with the terrible crash that influenced the future of motor racing.