Videos we're especially proud of, or which are currently relevant, that we'd like to draw your attention to

  • Dambusters: Mission Impossible

    Destroying the great dams of western Germany, using a very special weapon designed by scientific genius Barnes Wallis, made the RAF’s 617 squadron one of the most famous in the world. This film features rare archive footage and photographs, fascinating interviews and illustrative 3-D graphics. Fr...

  • The Beatles Come to Town

    Magnificent 1963 doc with The Beatles on stage in Manchester. Amazing footage in Technicolor.

  • Illusion: The City That Never Was

    In French. English subtitles available.

    World War 1: Paris is the target of nightly German bombings that become more and more deadly. In a time where radars don’t yet exist and pilots can be fooled by false illuminations, the French General Staff secretly builds a fake illuminated Paris to save...

  • Revolution in Colour

    Narrated by Allen Leech, this unique documentary tells the story of the Irish Easter Rising, why it happened and how it happened. Utilising incredible newly-colourised original footage, this film shows the Irish revolution as people at the time saw it – in colour. "Rendered in living colour, the ...

  • How to Drive the Flying Scotsman

    An expert training session on how to drive the world's most famous steam locomotive. From British Pathé TV's Railway Collection.

  • Ageless Iraq

    Documentary about life in Iraq - political history, religion, traditions, industry - as it was in 1954.

  • Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story

    She was born in 1930 with intelligence, wealth, position and good looks. Prevented from marrying her first love Peter Townsend and forced to live in the shadow of her sister, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret was described as a "Princess without a vocation". This biography explores the reality behind the...

  • The Wars of the Roses: A Bloody Crown

    The true story – and inspiration behind the acclaimed historical drama, The White Queen – of the 15th-century power struggle between The House of Lancaster and The House of York. This film tells the whole fascinating story, with dramatic reconstructions. From British Pathé TV's Military Collection.

  • British Passions on Film

    1 season

    A lovely series first shown on BBC 4 that depicts the hobbies and leisure activities of Britons during the 20th century. It utilises fabulous vintage footage from the British Pathé archive.

  • Mirror to the Soul

    1 season

    This feature-length documentary, divided into two parts, is a unique collaboration between Soul Jazz Records and British Pathé, made up entirely of newsreel footage about the Caribbean filmed during the period 1922-1970.