Political, social and cultural history from ancient times to the 1990s

  • A Year To Remember - 1985

    In this episode: Bob Geldof visits Ethiopia - Gibraltar joins the rest of Europe - One more death in the Kremlin - South Africa repeals - Hiroshima: 40th anniversary - More rioting in Britain

  • A Year To Remember - 1986

    In this episode: The Channel Tunnel - Dictator Marcos toppled after ruling the Philippines for 20 years - Rupert Murdoch decides he could take on the print unions of Fleet Street - The Chernobyl nuclear disaster - 30 million people round the world set out to run for Africa - The World Cup in Mexi...

  • A Year To Remember - 1987

    In this episode: The kidnapping in Beirut of Terry Waite - Barbados: Mick Jagger's friend, Jerry Hall, gets into trouble with the local police - Liberace dies at the age of 67 - Princess Diana opens Britain's first purpose-built ward for AIDS patients - Richard Branson flies across the Atlantic i...

  • A Year To Remember - 1988

    In this episode: Australia's 200th anniversary of the arrival of the country's first settlers - Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day - Aborigines continue their campaign for land rights - The Soviet Union begins celebrating a thousand years of Christianity in their country - Hurricane Gilbert smashes its ...

  • A Year To Remember - 1989

    In this episode: George Bush becomes president - Japan: Emperor Hirohito, the world's longest-serving monarch, dies - The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan comes to an end - 95 soccer supporters die in the terraces of Sheffield Wednesday’s ground - Peking students fighting for liberty and their li...

  • A Year To Remember - 1990

    In this episode: The Soviet Union really begins to fall apart - Rebel cricket tour - Iraq invades Kuwait - The release of Nelson Mandela - Poll tax riots - The Hubble space telescope

  • A Year To Remember - 1991

    In this episode: India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassinated - Boris Yeltsin is the new face on the Soviet Union scene - Years of South African isolation from the sporting word come to an end - An outbreak of rioting in several British provincial cities - USA wins the Ryder Cup - Rugb...

  • A Year To Remember - 1992

    In this episode: Slovenia and Croatia are formally recognised as independent states - Mike Tyson is beginning his six year jail term - IRA bombs go off in London - Riots in LA - Liverpool wins the FA Cup for 5th time - Bill Clinton becomes president

  • A Year To Remember - 1993

    In this episode: Peace talks in the Middle East, South Africa and Northern Ireland - War in Bosnia and Somalia - Linford Christie leads Britain’s list of world athletic champions - The Grand National ends in fiasco - The Princess of Wales at home - Royal shocker

  • A Year To Remember - 1994

    In this episode: Royal family under fierce media spotlight - War in Bosnia - The 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings - Tony Blair is elected leader of the Labour party - Historic breakthrough between the IRA and the British government - The American superstar O.J. Simpson on trial for murder

  • A Year To Remember - 1995

    In this episode: Britain’s Hugh Grant gets caught with his trousers down - Jonathan Edwards triple jumps to a world record - The Grand National - Japanese town of Kobe brought to its knees by an earthquake - France sinks in world esteem because of nuclear bomb tests

  • Classic Cars & Motorcycles

    6 videos

    Feel the need for speed

  • Le Mans 1955

    Documentary covering the 1955 Le Mans endurance race - the one with the terrible crash that influenced the future of motor racing. From British Pathé TV's Motorsport Collection.

  • One Giant Leap

    1969 documentary - a vintage retrospective look at the history of space travel up to that point.

  • The Other World of Winston Churchill

    Narrated by Paul Scofield, this incredible documentary focuses on Winston Churchill’s life as a painter. The film revolves around the paintings that Churchill produced during his years in opposition, revealing the often forgotten or unknown artistic side of the most iconic prime minister of all t...

  • The Story of British Pathé

    1 season

    A fascinating introduction to the history of the pioneering newsreel company British Pathé which documented all aspects of everyday life in Britain and around the world in the 20th century.

  • The Story of British Pathé – Around the World

    A fascinating introduction to the history of the pioneering newsreel company British Pathé, which documented almost every aspect of everyday life in Britain and around the world in the 20th century. From British Pathé TV's Arts Collection. For more than half a century, film and newsreel company B...

  • The Story of British Pathé – Entertaining Britain

    While the company was famous for its pioneering news reports, it also produced immensely popular “cinemagazines”, which entertained cinemagoers for decades.

  • The Story of British Pathé – The Birth of the News

    For more than half a century, the film and newsreel company British Pathé documented almost every aspect of everyday life in Britain and around the world. Covering everything from major world events and exotic foreign locales to the pageantry of state occasions and gritty social issues, the compa...

  • The Story of British Pathé – Voice of Pathé

    The voice that was synonymous with Pathé, above all others, belonged to Bob Danvers-Walker. His son Michael and film historian Ian Christie recall the man who got Britain through the Blitz and beyond.

  • The Wars of the Roses: A Bloody Crown

    The true story – and inspiration behind the acclaimed historical drama, The White Queen – of the 15th-century power struggle between The House of Lancaster and The House of York. This film tells the whole fascinating story, with dramatic reconstructions. From British Pathé TV's Military Collection.

  • Time to Remember

    3 seasons

    This classic series was a benchmark in documentary-making. Produced in the 1950s and 60s, it touches on all aspects of life in the first half of the 20th century. The series is narrated by celebrated actors, including Sir Michael Redgrave and Sir Ralph Richardson. Produced by the BAFTA-winning Pe...

  • Time to Remember - 1896-1902: Turn of the Century

    Scenes from life at the turn of the century - life in Britain and around the world. Narrated by Basil Rathbone.

  • Time to Remember - 1905-1910: Edwardian Summer

    A period of technological and political change. Narrated by Sir Ralph Richardson.