Military & War

  • The Vulcan Story

    The Vulcan was designed in response to a specification issued in 1947 - a four engine nuclear bomber was required as the growing menace of the Soviet Union made itself felt. Avro's chief designer, Roy Chadwick immediately began work on an unusual design. From British Pathé TV's Military Collection.

  • The Wars of the Roses: A Bloody Crown

    The true story – and inspiration behind the acclaimed historical drama, The White Queen – of the 15th-century power struggle between The House of Lancaster and The House of York. This film tells the whole fascinating story, with dramatic reconstructions. From British Pathé TV's Military Collection.

  • Your Job in Great Britain

    See the Britain of yesteryear through American eyes in this unique and amusing collection of rare films made to help American servicemen understand Britain and the British. From British Pathé TV's Military Collection.

  • Illusion: The City That Never Was

    In French. English subtitles available.

    World War 1: Paris is the target of nightly German bombings that become more and more deadly. In a time where radars don’t yet exist and pilots can be fooled by false illuminations, the French General Staff secretly builds a fake illuminated Paris to save...