Life of Elizabeth II

16 videos, total 10 hours 4 minutes
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From the Queen’s early years to her Diamond Jubilee

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This Video Is From The Collection: Life of Elizabeth II

16 videos, total 10 hours 4 minutes
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From the Queen’s early years to her Diamond Jubilee

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There Are 16 Videos In This Selection:

Elizabeth Is Queen

This spectacular 1953 documentary, released in cinemas, records the events of Elizabeth II’s coronation day in g
47 minutes

Royal Review

This 1953 documentary short chronicles, in wonderful colour cinematography, the activities of Elizabeth II during
17 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – 1950s

In 1952, the sudden death of King George VI changed Elizabeth’s life for ever. The monarch was just 25 when she
51 minutes

Welcome the Queen!

The newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II visits her Commonwealth realms aboard her beloved Britannia in an epic journe
46 minutes

Royal Tour – West Indies

The first of three marvellous films documenting the Royal Tour of the Commonwealth by Queen Elizabeth II and Princ
26 minutes

Royal Tour – Fiji and Tonga

The second of three marvellous documentaries chronicling the 1953-54 Royal Tour sees the Queen and Prince Philip e
26 minutes

Royal Tour – New Zealand

In the third and final film documenting the 1953-54 Royal Tour of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince
29 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – 1960s

The arrival of the 1960s found Britain in an optimistic mood. Post-war austerity had given way to something of a c
45 minutes

Royal Tour of India

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh sail the royal yacht Britannia to India where they tour that ancient land followed
33 minutes

Drums for a Queen

Journey with the Queen to West Africa through this wonderful 1961 documentary narrated by Anthony Quayle.
28 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – 1970s

The 1970s were a mix of gloom and glitter. The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated 25 years of marriage, and their
44 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – 1980s

When the 80s began, there was one question on everybody’s lips: whom would Prince Charles, the world’s most el
45 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – 1990s

The 90s began joyously for the Queen, as she welcomed her 6th grandchild and prepared for her 40th year on the thr
45 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – Milennium

The new millennium witnessed powerful events for Queen and country. The whole nation celebrated the 100th birthday
45 minutes

The Queen’s Diamond Decades – Jubilee

This is the story of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. From nationwide street parties to spectac
50 minutes

A Day That Shook the World – Royals

Including: Queen Victoria’s funeral, Edward VIII abdicates, British Royal Family in crisis, Windsor Castle damag
20 minutes

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