Smoke & Steam on the Settle & Carlisle

42 minutes

“Settle and Carlisle” – the words are as evocative to the railway enthusiast as “Smoke and Steam”. This film brings you a selection of fabulous images of steam locomotives at work over the UK’s premier scenic railway, the Settle and Carlisle, which runs through the Westmorland Mountains, unparalleled in their majestic beauty.

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In a modern, technological world, the “Age of Steam” seems to belong to former, more glorious and exciting times. But, with nostalgia rampant, there’s a new “Age of Steam” – today, as the giants of the past bring the golden age back to life.

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Videos In This Series

Smoke & Steam – A Celebration of the Steam Engine

39 minutes
This film is for all those who love the sight and sound of the steam railway and is a tribute to the dedicated ban
39 minutes

Smoke & Steam in the South

1 hours 1 minute
All steam action from the main lines of the former Great Western Railway and Southern Railway, including the Salis
1 hours 1 minute

Smoke & Steam in Scotland

39 minutes
A tribute to the renaissance in steam operations in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. “Scotland for St
39 minutes

Smoke & Steam in Wales

43 minutes
Wales has one of the largest associations with steam in the British Isles. The narrow gauge railways of the north
43 minutes

Smoke & Steam on the Settle & Carlisle

42 minutes
“Settle and Carlisle” – the words are as evocative to the railway enthusiast as “Smoke and
42 minutes

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