World War 1

World War 1

Documentaries and movies exploring the 1914-18 Great War

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World War 1
  • A Farewell to Arms

    Frederic (Gary Cooper), an American ambulance driver working for the Italian Army during World War I, falls in love with British Red Cross nurse Catherine (Helen Hayes). His jealous commanding officer, Major Rinaldi, transfers Catherine to a different hospital. But an injury on the battlefield ta...

  • The Battle of Ypres

    This amazing 1925 film is a dramatic reconstruction, performed by members of the British armed forces, of the "Battle of Ypres" in the First World War.

  • Time to Remember - 1914: Over by Christmas

    World War One begins and recruits go off to fight. Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave.

  • Time to Remember - 1915: Your Country Needs You

    Training of Kitchener's volunteer army, the Dardanelles etc.. Narrated by Stanley Holloway.

  • Time to Remember - 1916: The Better 'Ole

    From the Eastern, Western and Home Fronts. Narrated by Stanley Holloway.

  • Time to Remember - 1917: Enough of Everything

    Including the Russian Revolution, the US entry into the War and women at work. Narrated by Stanley Holloway.

  • Time to Remember - 1918: The Eleventh Hour

    The Americans have an impact on the War - then, finally, there is Peace. Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave.

  • Time to Remember - 1918: The PeaceMakers

    Celebrations of the Armistice and negotiations at Versailles. Narrated by Sir Ralph Richardson.

  • The Outbreak of WWI - From Local Conflict to World War in 1914 I Week 1

    After the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary is determined to put a lid on Serbia once and for all. Germany wanted to go to war with Russia sooner than later, because it was a afraid of a strong Tsar Nicholas II. In our first episode, Indy explains how the various European conflict...

  • Germany in Two-Front War and the Schlieffen-Plan I Week 2

    Austria-Hungary starts the bombardment of Belgrade. What follows is a deployment race of armies between all major powers in Europe. Nobody wants to be unprepared in case of an attack. Germany is implementing the Schlieffen-Plan. The idea is to avoid a two front war by conquering Paris via Belgium...

  • To Arms! - The Deployment of Troops I Week 3

    The first few days of war were a combination of failed organisation and chaos. The Austro-Hungarian supreme command lacks combat experience, and their irrational actions in Serbia are causing turmoil among the Germans. At the Eastern and Western Front, early signs of problems can be seen, too, wh...

  • A New War With Old Generals – Carnage on the Western Front I Week 4

    The war showed its new and cruel face for the first time. Episode of a series where we follow the events of World War 1 week by week 100 years later - "A New War With Old Generals – Carnage on the Western Front".

  • The Rape of Belgium And The Battle of Tannenberg I Week 5

    During their advance through Belgium, the German Army is committing atrocities against Belgian civilians - justified as response to resistance and sabotage against their advancement. The Austro-Hungarian Army is perpetrating massacres against the Serbian civilian population to retaliate against S...

  • Plans Are Doomed to Fail - The Battle of Galicia I Week 6

    While the Germans on the Western Front are very close to reaching Paris, the Eastern Front proves to become a disastrous failure for the Austro-Hungarian forces. Conrad von Hötzendorf overestimated his skills and the strength of his troops. And after his too complicated plan in Galicia failed, th...

  • Taxi To The Front – The First Battle of the Marne I Week 7

    The German Army is so close to Paris that French soldiers are brought to the front by taxis. Together with the British Expeditionary Forces, the French are fighting the German advance near the Marne river. Meanwhile, the Austro-Hungarian army is retreating to the Carpathian Mountains after a cata...

  • Welcome To The Dirt – The Beginning of Trench Warfare I Week 8

    After the advances and retreats during the early weeks of war, the front is coming to a grinding hold after the Battle of the Aisne. The German Army is digging itself in on one side of the river and a new, horrible chapter of World War One begins: trench warfare. To be prepared for this new kind...

  • The Russian War Machine And The Race To The Sea I Week 9

    Episode 9 of a series where we follow the events of World War 1 week by week 100 years later.

  • Dying In The Mud - Autumn Is Taking Its Toll I Week 10

    The autumn rain turns the battlefields into muddy landscapes. Mud in which the soldiers are hardly able to dig trenches and in which no artillery gun will stand. The first change of seasons is proving to be a big new challenge for the armies in Europe. While at the time, the longest siege of the ...

  • Back For Christmas - The Illusion Of A Short War I Week 11

    In the trenches on the Western Front and in the mud on the Eastern Front, hundreds of thousands of soldiers die and with them dies the illusion of a short war. After heavy casualties, the armies are adapting to a longer conflict and are looking for new recruits. To convince them to fight they are...

  • Learning From Napoleon – Russia, The Underestimated Enemy I Week 12

    After defeating the Russian Army in the early weeks of the war, the German and Austrian generals hope to push the Russians back with combined forces. But, like Napoleon 100 years earlier, they underestimate their enemy and his tactics and so the tides are turning on the Eastern Front. On the West...

  • A War To End All Wars - Home Front Propaganda I Week 13

    The first weeks of war already took hundreds of thousands of lives and the daily struggle to survive in the trenches on the Western Front has nothing to do with the promised glory. Back home, propaganda is already working and grotesquely distorting the public's opinion about the war. While the Br...

  • Fresh Meat - The Search For New Recruits I Week 14

    After some heavy casualties during the first months of war, the armies had to look for new recruits. While Great Britain undertook soldiers in military service to fill up their ranks, Germany was relying on reservists and inexperienced recruits. This fatal German mix was sent against smaller, but...

  • The World at War - The Ottoman Empire Enters The Stage I Week 15

    Three months after the outbreak of the war, another world power enters the conflict: The Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman war minister Enver Pascha, a supporter of a new Turkish self confidence, wants to gain advantages for a future Turkey by declaring war. Meanwhile, another ship of the German East A...

  • The Defensive War on the Western Front I Week 16

    The German army dug in at the Western Front and waited for the next Russian attack at the Eastern Front. Even though the Germans outnumbered their opponents, they barely stood a chance against machine guns in No Man's Land. They realize: to defend a position is a lot easier than to attack and con...